Copper Country Walleye Association (CCWA)

The copper country walleye association was established to organize volunteer efforts  by a group of walleye anglers, business owners, community members and sportsmen.

Working to conserve, protect and restore a vibrant and sustainable walleye sport fishery in the greater copper country area of Michigan.

Recently, a modified regulation was implemented allowing 5 walleye with no more than one greater than 25” for the Ontonagon River. We are interested in people’s opinions about implementing this regulation within the Portage/Torch waterway.  Please fill out the 2016 Regulation Survey and return it to us.  Thank You


The Copper Country Walleye Association would like to thank you for your past membership and ask you to consider renewing your membership for the 2016 calendar year. Your membership in CCWA allows us to have a voice for the Copper Country when working with the DNR and other organizations for improvement of the walleye fishery. Below is a brief summary of CCWA’s activities from 2015 and plans for 2016 and enclosed is a membership form for your convenience. Alternatively, information for renewing can be found at or by email


CCWA 2015 Year-In-Review

Provided financial support to help with the out-of-pocket costs of rearing walleye and assisted Michigan DNR in releasing fry and fingerlings into the Portage and Torch Systems. This was the fifth year of stocking facilitated by CCWA volunteer effort and membership advocacy. This volunteer and financial support is essential to helping the Fisheries Division stock our waters.


Since 2011 there have been 4,350,000 walleye fry and 348,349 walleye fingerlings stocked in copper country waters, due in large part to the support of CCWA member dues, volunteer support, and collective advocacy. (see for all DNR stocking information)


We also continued with our annual assistance to the Chassell VFW Post with their 9th annual youth and adult tournaments ice fishing tournaments.   CCWA volunteers helped with organization, fundraising, clean up, and weigh-in support to assist with allowing for timely live release of fish.


Organized and ran 4th annual Angler Young Angler Tournament with 18 teams including 33 youth anglers from as far away as Tennesee. One third of the participants were young fisherladies.


Organized and ran 1st annual CCWA Members fall tournament and member picnic which had a respectable showing despite the high winds and cold temperatures.


CCWA 2016 Plans

Announcements will be posted to CCWA’s Facebook account and sent out by email to all members with email addresses on file.



February 27th, 2016 Chassell VFW Ice Fishing Tournament

July 30th, 2016 Angler and Young Angler Fishing Tournament

Summer 2016 (Date TBD) Youth Shore Fishing Tournament

October 1st, 2016, Fall Member Tournament and Cookout

Tentative Veterans Tournament


Volunteer Projects (watch email and facebook for dates)

Spring fry plant

Summer fingerling collection and plant

Boston Pond dam maintenance (in collaboration with Calumet-Keweenaw Sportsman’s Club)

If you have a project that you want to champion and that would benefit the fishery please let us know. We can spread the word and recruit volunteers to help make it happen.


Member Meetings

Watch email and facebook for dates, locations, and topics


Copper Country Walleye Association

Board Members and Terms

As of Calendar Year 2014


Board Member Term Ends
Ross Rinkinen, President December 2016
J.R. Baker, Interim Secretary December 2016
Gerry Lucier, Vice PresidentScott Dewar December 2016December 2016
Brad Beaudette December 2014
Ron Wiitanen December 2014
Brent Leonard December 2014
Ron Racine Sr. December 2015
Ron Racine Jr. December 2015
Mark Butke December 2015
Dan Dube December 2015


Current Projects Volunteer and Help by request of the MI DNR in spring walleye plant in Portage Lake.

AYA Tournament
Date: July 25th, 2015
Location: Portage and Torch Lakes
Rules Meeting: 7:00-8:00 am at Chassell VFW Post
Fishing Hours: 8:30-2:30
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CC Walleye Facebook

CORRECTION - The walleye fry will be at Chassell on Tuesday (5/17) at 1:45 ...

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We just received confirmation that the walleye fry for this year's fry plant will be arriving at the Chassell boat launch at 1:45 today.

If you are available and interested in helping please email us at or come on down to the launch this afternoon

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We have received notice from the DNR that fry for this year's stocking will be here Monday or Tuesday next week ( (May 16 or 17). If you are interested in participating please email us at ...

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Copper Country Walleye Association updated their profile picture. ...

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We just heard from the Michigan DNR Hatchery Team. They have taken 19.2 million walleye eggs for this years stocking. Barring a surprise with rearing conditions we are expecting a fry plant during the week of either May 9th or 16th.

If anyone is interested in participating in the fry plant this year, please email us at and we will follow up as we get more details on timing and volunteer needs.

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